Running remote field teams?

Running remote field teams?

Delayed projects or cost overruns on fixed priced jobs can feel like a unsolvable problem for growing businesses with multiple remote field teams.

Onsite teams stop work due to missing tools or broken equipment, or have run low on materials and need to leave the site to get urgent, expensive replacements. The staff blame head office for mismanagement: they blame you.

They are frustrated.

And you are frustrated.

Many companies like yours struggle to ensure all field teams have all the tools and materials they'll require for today's work. One example is a prolific electrical contractor with two warehouse locations from which teams headed out to job sites. Their manual methods of tracking tools sadly meant no one could say exactly when or where they had gone missing, or had broken and been discarded without notifying anyone. Job teams would arrive at site without the materials they needed for their installations, which required a team member to visit a nearby supplier for replacements, which lost time and cost more money than was budgeted.

When the electrical contractor switched to a platform that allowed fields teams and warehouse teams to register the movement and maintenance of equipment, and the resupply of materials, they saved "several hours [a] day" of manual work and lost time. Projects were profitable and staff were no longer frustrated with the company.

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