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Referrals not buying? We help fix that.

What do your Shopify product and collection pages look like when your happiest customers share them on social media?

96% of Shopify stores unintentionally use a bad image for social media.

This is killing your referral sales.

Please let us help.

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Audit my social images
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The problem affects even big brand Shopify stores

Your happy customers share your product on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and more. If the imagery fails, your won't get any referral sales. Your brand and a call to action must appear in every social link image.

Unfortunately, Australia's largest electrical retailer JB Hifi has a problem. Their Shopify store generates 13% of their revenues, but they have made a huge mistake. They do not extend their brand, their fonts, and their dramatic call to actions into their social shared links. The image looks terrible.

We can help every Shopify merchant with their social images

We reimagined the social image template for every JB Hifi product. In addition to the primary Shopify product image, we can bring in their corporate logo, colors, and fonts.

And for you? We can include live product data from your store — such as the price, and the current ratings at the time your loyal customer shared the product URL with their friends.

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But I'm definitely buying another pair. Good price here.

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